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This page will no longer be in service as of 27 May 2022.  Please see for the most recent information from UVA Finance.

Facilities & Administrative Costs

This source of funds is derived from the application of a negotiated indirect cost recovery percentage to grant and contract expenditures.  They represent the recovery of the fair share of the Facilities and Administrative costs of the University in support of sponsored programs activities.  The "F" parts of F&A include the costs of the buildings and equipment, utilities, the maintenance of buildings, and the cost of the University's libraries.  The "A" parts include central administration, school and departmental administration, and the Office of Sponsored Programs.  

F&A recoveries are distributed to departments and schools based on a formula approved by the academic vice presidents and administered by Financial Planning & Analysis.

FY2022 Summary Reports

F&A Summary Report July FY22

F&A Summary Report August FY22

F&A Summary Report September FY22

F&A Summary Report October FY22

F&A Summary Report November FY22

F&A Summary Report December FY22

F&A Summary Report January FY22

F&A Summary Report February FY22

F&A Summary Report March FY22

F&A Summary Report April FY22

FY2022 F&A Training

FY2022 F&A Research Functionalization Survey Training Video

Certified Research Administrator

Planning on taking the Certified Research Administrator (CRA) exam?  Get a head start by looking at "Understanding F&A Rates" -- this handy document covers federal regulations, definitions, and concepts, plus sample calculations with explanations.

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