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This page will no longer be in service as of 27 May 2022.  Please see for the most recent information from UVA Finance.

Budget Adjustments? Here's what to do until BOV approval

FP&A has finalized the FY21 (Original) BudgetUVA table with the UBI and Enterprise Application teams. The BOV approved budget (plus Grants and Contracts, Project-to-date SP and LP awards, and capital projects from Oracle) are available in UBI BBA reports. This version of BudgetUVA will not be open for adjustments and all amendments should be recorded in Adaptive, as stated below.

The Adaptive, Enterprise Applications, UBI, and OFP&A teams are currently working on an integration that will make it possible for you to make FY21 execution adjustments to your budgets in Adaptive Insights instead of BudgetUVA. This transition will occur following the Board of Visitor’s approval of the FY21 Revised budget in September. During the interim period, there will be no adjustments occurring in BudgetUVA. Instead, units should track existing adjustments that will be ultimately made in BOV approved version in Adaptive any required execution adjustments. Those adjustments can then be made in Adaptive following BOV approval of their budgets at the September board meeting.

If you make temporary (one-time) adjustments to your FY21 Revised budget in Adaptive, please track these entries separately or in a comment field in Adaptive as there is currently no dedicated mechanism in Adaptive to flag adjustments as temporary or permanent. These adjustments will flow through Recon@ and BBA reports in UBI. The Adaptive team is working to identify possible ways to flag adjustment as temporary or permanent and we will communicate that to you if an option for you to use is finalized.

We will share additional information as it becomes available. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or concerns.

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